Velocity Paintball League

Velocity Paintball League is an opportunity for players to play competitively every weekend at very little cost. It is a 6 week commitment much like softball and bowling leagues. You can sign up as a team or an individual. THIS IS NOT A TOURNAMENT.
There is a 12 team limit with a maximum of 7 players on a team. Games are 3-player center flag. Individual players are charged $75 to cover admission, referees and all day air on event days. (The $75 is for the entire 6 weeks)
Play will be a three game match. Players will be allowed 1 full standard (180-200rnd) hopper and 2 full 140 round pods for each game. The top two teams in each bracket after the fifth week will advance to the final round on the sixth week and play on a field randomly chosen from the fields played in the preliminary weeks. Each team will play a three game match. Most wins (hanging the flag) wins the match. Most wins overall wins the League and gets FREE entry to the next League.

This is a great opportunity to learn the game, get better at the game, play every weekend, learn from experienced players, mentor a younger player and meet people with your interests. It’s a friendly atmosphere with great people all helping each other to get better at paintball. We play on a variety of fields so you can learn how to read a field and play a particular bunker. Come and join us for some fun!
This is a team practice, ORGANIZED!

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