Battle for Mt. Suribachi


Sunday February 18, 2018

This year, February 18, 2018 marks the 72nd anniversary of the raising of the US Flag on Mt. Suribachi during the battle of Iwo Jima.
Japanese Infantry will start dug in on the hill (South) and Field 10 (North).
US Forces will start from Big Hyperball (East) and Small Hyperball(West).






US Missions:

Find Rank Patches
Find and recite Marine Hymn
Find and recite Nimitz quote “Uncommon Valor”
Flamethrowers/Grenadiers – Use during charges to get to the top of the hill
Protect Radio Box and deliver to each referee for a piece of code. Gather all code and break it.
Code Breaker Dictionary is at Base 1
Gather Flag Team at Base 1 and prepare to get flag to the top.

US Team will be divided into 2 regiments: US Marines (attack from West) and US Infantry (attack from East).



Japanese Missions:
Protect the Hill
Capture Radio Box
Capture Code Breaker Dictionary in Base 1
Capture US plans for Operation Downfall (50pts for each piece)
Offer referees found parts of Operation Downfall to get codes. Break Code
Banzai Charges – Grenades and Flamethrowers use to decrease US Infantry.

Japanese Team will be divided into 2 regiments: Japanese Navy (Dug in on the hill) and Regular Infantry (start from Field 10).

Players must move to the reinsertion points before the clock reaches open. Start moving with 5 minutes to go.
There will be 4 re-spawn points around the field, 2 for each side.
Re-spawn will start 15 mins after start of game.
1. Japanese Infantry will re-spawn from Base 2 to supply hill.
2. Japanese will also re-spawn from Field 10. (between the deadbox areas)
3. US Marines will re-spawn from Small Hyperball
4. US Infantry will re-spawn from Big Hyperball
Banzai Charge! Japanese will also have automatic re-spawns with the Juggernaut from Field 10 randomly throughout the game.

BASES: (see map)
US Infantry = Base 1 is where all items when missions are complete need to be brought. Base 1 is where the flag team needs to launch.
Japanese Infantry = Base 2 – where all items when missions are complete need to be brought. It is also the Re-spawn point for players on the hill.

Any area marked with CAUTION TAPE cannot be shot into.
– Japanese Infantry is allowed to move from Base 2 to top of hill unharmed.- Japanese Infantry is allowed to re-spawn from Field 10 unharmed. DO NOT SHOOT TOWARD PARKING LOT– US Infantry is allowed to move up and down roads from HB and HB2 unharmed.


Supporting roles:

GENERALS: 3×5 flags are to be carried by the Generals. If a General is eliminated they can pass the flag to the closest teammate or lay it down where they are hit. The opposing team can capture the Flag for Spy points (200pts). If the General is eliminated at close range or captured he has to give up his Rank Card to show he/she has been captured/assassinated (300pts).

MEDICS: Can be killed by paintball or grenade. Medics will wear red Medic Shirts. Medics chosen on site on the day of the scenario and there will be 3 medics per side. Medics must set down their marker to heal another player. Hit players can be healed within 30 seconds of being hit. Headshots cannot be healed. Same rules apply for hits and elimination. Medics CANNOT heal each other.

GRENADIERS: Any player possessing a paintball grenade or rocket launcher. Use grenades to eliminate large groups of players on the hill or advancing on the hill (Banzai Charge). Player/s hit with paint from a grenade are eliminated. Players within a 15 foot radius of a rocket hit from a launcher are eliminated.

Flamethrowers: Any player who possesses the super soaker and the paint. Use the flamethrower to wipeout large groups of players and advance on the hill or stop players from advancing on the hill (Banzai Charge). Flamethrowers will enter the game twice in the first game and once in the last game.


US – Protect at all costsJapanese – try to capture
Japanese capture the radio box take back to base at hill.
US protect radio box. Needs to be taken to all referees to get a piece of code.
TANKS: Two tanks will enter the game at the hour mark. They will be on the field for 20 minutes or until eliminated by their opponent. Each tank will have a distinct color tape band so teams will be able to tell them apart. There will be one tank for each side. Players need to protect their team’s tank. Each tank is trying to reach the middle road on the field and retrieve a flag. If a tank is struck by a grenade or rocket launched from a rocket launcher twice within one minute they are eliminated. A referee will be following each tank to ensure eliminations of players and tanks. Please leave the game when asked. Tanks must have 2 direct hits to be eliminated. The grenade or rocket must actually make contact with the tank.
US Flag Team: Must find all rank patches (Armbands with Marine or Naval Insignia and rank on them) and distribute to the group chosen. 1 Sergeant, 1 Corporal, 3 Private First Class Marines, 1 Petty Officer second class US Navy Corpsman. Gather Flag Team at Base 1 and prepare to get flag to the top. (200pts)
JAPANESE BANZAI RUNS: Banzai Charge! Japanese will also have automatic re-spawns from Field 10 randomly throughout the game. The runs will be lead by the Juggernaut. He is only eliminated when hit on the lower back. When the Juggernaut drops to a knee and raises his marker he is signifying he is out. STOP SHOOTING at him. Juggernaut fires paintballs and launches rockets.
MUST wear long pants.
MUST have paintball approved goggles with face protection.
Are allowed to carry one semi automatic paintball marker and one Paintball pistol (optional) -OR- 2 paintball pistols.
Paintball Grenades are allowed for elimination of large groups of players, as many as you can carry.

Other RULES:An Air Horn; 2 blasts for the START and 3 blasts for FINISH will designate the Start and End of the Missions.

One long blast means CEASE FIRE for an emergency. Please stop firing and lay your markers down on the ground. Hold your position and wait for instructions.

RESPAWN: OPEN 5 mins every 15 mins.

Noisemakers: Bike Horn will be used at the top of the hill or any area of the field where there is a large firefight. If you hear the noisemakers, cease-fire and hold your position. Teams are trying to remove their eliminated players from the field.

If a player leaves the field for any reason, elimination, air refill, paint refill, repair to equipment, restroom break you are considered eliminated. Please wait at dead box to respawn.

Special Rules: Re: Tanks, Juggernaut, etc,…

SURRENDURING: If someone asks you to surrender to avoid bunkering you, you are out. In a situation where the Tank or Juggernaut knows they could possibly shoot you at close range and would rather avoid it than risk the close range shot, we would rather they surrender you.

GRENADES and Paintballs: The Tank and Juggernaut cannot be eliminated by paintball shots. Over shooting them is really just a novelty for you. Keep in mind that staying in the area and deciding to shoot at them can put you in a position to be eliminated by them or a grenade/rocket intended for them.  While they require a direct hit anyone else within the 15ft radius is eliminated.

Each team will get maps to let them know where to look for items they need to complete their Mission, items will be marked by their teams flag. Each team MAY NOT TOUCH, MOVE or CAPTURE the other teams mission items/objectives.

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