The Big Catching Fire Hunger Game

The Big Catching Fire Hunger Game

SUNDAY OCTOBER 27 9am to 4pm




Tick Tock, This Is A Clock

Every 12 mins a section of the field eliminates the players in that area. Eliminations occur at the 12 min mark. Referees will let you know you are eliminated. The only area that will have lasting effects is the fog. If you encounter smoke anywhere on the field within the 12 minutes you are eliminated. The smoke will be purple so it will be easy to tell.

1. 12mins Blood Rain – Trenches

2. 24mins – Poisonous Fog (anywhere 30 ft of smoke)

3. 36mins – Monkeys – Roads (any road)

4. 48mins Jabberjay – Field 11

5. 60mins – Area above 11 Referees will let you know you are eliminated

6. 72mins – Beast – House and area above speedball

7. 84mins – Speedball Referees will let you know you are eliminated

8. 96mins – Hybrid Referees will let you know you are eliminated

9. 108mins – Field 10 Referees will let you know you are eliminated

10. 120mins – Wave – North Road and Hyperball

11. 132mins – Insects – Rocks and base of hill East

12. 144mins Lightening – HILL


Teams are the 12 Districts of Panem. You can choose your District or be added to one later. Please make sure you communicate this when you register. Each District(team) must finish the game with their Districts item and the items they find during the game. When a teammate is eliminated he/she can hand off the Districts items to the next live player. If an entire team has been eliminated that Districts items must be left on the field where they were eliminated. Items can be stolen by other Districts(teams).

Allies: Districts can partner with other Districts to make themselves stronger. Never fully trust your allies.

Eliminated Players: When eliminated by paintball, grenade or a section of the field, players must report to a deadbox. Once there you can collect a piece of bread to take to a respawn area of your choice to re-enter the game. The bread is payment to re-spawn. Once back in the game make your way back to your District.

Deadboxes will be the entrance roads from the parking lot.

REINSERTION AREAS: (4) Big Hyperball, small hyperball, house at top of hill and house at bottom of hill behind big hyperball.

GRENADIERS: Any player possessing a paintball grenade. Use grenades to eliminate large groups of players. Only player’s hit with paint from a grenade are eliminated.

Cannons: Cannons will be used to shoot parachutes on to the field. (Gifts from sponsors) A District with a parachute will have immunity from grenade kills. The parachute must be given up after its use for immunity.

Objects to find




Wire Coil

Bow and Arrows





Mockingjay Pin




Game Bag








Family Book

Leather Jacket








Prim’s Cat Buttercup











Top 6 Districts will be chosen to lead the uprising against the Capitol.

The Bottom 6 Districts will be the Capitol team.

One 90 minute Big Game will be played. Each team needs to gather as many flags as it can before the end of the game. The team with the most flags wins!

2nd Game =
MEDICS: Can be killed by paintball or grenade. Medics will wear red Medic Shirts. Medics chosen on site on the day of the scenario and there will be 3 medics per side. Medics must set down their marker to heal another player. Hit players can be healed within 30 seconds of being hit. Headshots cannot be healed. Same rules apply for hits and elimination. Medics CANNOT heal each other.

Dress up as the characters from Hunger Games Trilogy for team bonus points and 5 extra raffle tickets!

COST: Pre-Pay up until 9pm Saturday October 26th
$20 Self Equipped (Includes; Admission and air refills)
$30 Renter (Includes; gun, goggle and air refills)

$30 Self Equipped (Includes; Admission and air refills)
$40 Renter (Includes; Admission, gun, goggle and air refills)


Other RULES:

PLAYERS: MUST wear long pants.
MUST have paintball approved goggles with face protection.
Are allowed to carry one semi automatic paintball marker and one Paintball pistol (optional) -OR- 2 paintball pistols –OR- One paintball marker and one grenade launcher. Paintball Grenades are allowed for elimination of large groups of players, as many as you can carry.

Penalties: If you are caught with your goggles off, over shooting or swearing you are eliminated and MUST go to the dead box. If you are caught in the parking lot or the dead box with out a barrel plug you must sit through another respawn cycle (15 mins). Players caught wiping- Offending player is sent to dead box MUST sit through 2 respawn cycles (30 mins). Not going to dead box = eliminated from Game completely.

An Air Horn; 2 blasts for the START and 3 blasts for FINISH will designate the Start and End of the Missions.
One long blast means CEASE FIRE for an emergency. Please stop firing and lay your markers down on the ground. Hold your position and wait for instructions.

Respawn is continuously open.

Noisemakers will be used at the top of the hill or any area of the field where there is a large firefight. If you hear the noisemakers, cease-fire and hold your position. Teams are trying to remove their eliminated players from the field.
If a player leaves the field for any reason, elimination, air refill, paint refill, repair to equipment, restroom break you are considered eliminated. Please wait at dead box to respawn.

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