Save your Silica Packets!

You know those tiny white bags of beads you find in your paintballs? Well, you should be saving them. They can be very useful in many ways.

1. Keep them in your gear bag to ward off that stank from the gear and shoes you seem to never have time to clean.

2. Put one in your goggle bag. Keep it in the lens when you’re not using your goggles. If it’s a moist day of play you can keep one in your goggle to help with fogging. (Make sure the packet is sealed and there is no chance of the beads coming out and contacting your skin or eyes)

3. Put one in each shoe, if you keep your playing shoes in your gear bag. Hey, even if you don’t. Keep them dry and fresh.

4. Put a few in with your elbow and knee pads.

5. Put them in your toolbox. This will keep your tools from oxidizing.

6. Keep some in your camera bag. A few packs in your camera bag will preserve your camera equipment. Good to keep with your SD cards and lenses too. They keep moisture away.

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