How You Can Help Grow The Sport(s) You Love

You’ve played paintball and/or airsoft and you’ve fallen in love with the adrenaline rush or the teamwork involved in accomplishing the objective. You’ve purchased gear and you’ve met some great people you like to play with every weekend. What else can you do to make sure the sport(s) stick around and there is always a new player around?


Here’s a list of a few things you can do:


1. Always be helpful to the new players, help them out, give them tips. Make sure they are having a good time.


2. Support the venue(s) you play. Shop with them, if they don’t have an item you are looking for, ask. Buy their paintballs and BB’s. The places that care about paintball sell paintballs, BB’s and equipment from manufacturers with a vested interest in paintball at all levels.


3. Have a good attitude. Watch your language. Introduce yourself to new players. Be helpful to the staff.


4. Respect the venue. Keep it looking nice. Pick up after yourself. If you bring trash in, take it out. Don’t dump your paint and BB’s on the ground. Use the trash receptacles provided. Don’t leave trash on the field(s).


5. Use Social Media to help boost player turnout. If your favorite venue or team is playing at a certain place and they are posting about it, SHARE their posts. The more shares the more people will see what’s going on.

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