Planning a Group Event?

Things to think about when you are researching a group outing

Paintball or Airsoft

Do the group rates include private games or do you play with everyone else?

Are the packages all-inclusive or do you have to add items at extra cost the day of play?

Are paintballs/BB’s included with the package?

Does the group rate include a semi-private seating area?

Does the venue have a table for you?

Do you get a personal guide to show the players around, go over safety and run games for you?

How large is the venue? Do they have room for your group and possible other groups or players at the same time?

Is there a wait time to play on fields and/or do you get a choice of where you play?

Velocity Paintball Park include for each player:
Rental Equipment:
PAINTBALL: Marker (Gun), Goggle with full-face mask, harness with pods to carry extra paintballs to the field, all day air refills and paintballs (ex. 500 – 1000 balls per player)
AIRSOFT: Airsoft Gun with magazines, batteries charged and ready to go and Goggles with full-face mask. (BB’s MUST be purchased onsite)
Options/substitutions: Chest protectors
INCLUDED: Guide: personal referee to explain the rules, game play and keep everyone safe throughout your day.
Game Play is PRIVATE. No other players mixed in. There is NO WAIT to play. We have 14 playing fields on 40 acres.
Extras Included: Private or semi-private seating area with tables so you can serve food, drinks and cake. You are welcome to bring family members to spectate.

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