Velocity Group Outing CHECKLIST

Planning for your day of paintball or airsoft:
You get 3 hours to gear up and play. 9am to Noon or 1pm to 4pm

Tables are reserved for Low Impact automatically (table cloths included).
Reserved tables are a FREE option for all other groups.
We are an outdoor facility with no running water or electricity.
Coolers with ice are a must to keep beverages and snacks cold.

We have put together a list of items you might want to consider bringing with you to make your day more enjoyable.

What to wear:
Please dress appropriately. You are going to get dirty!! The paint will wash out of clothes. No shorts or sandals. Jeans, sneakers or boots and a long sleeve shirt are recommended, a trash bag for dirty clothes and shoes as well as a change of clothes. Also please dress for the weather. We play rain or shine.

Party Food:
Cupcakes work best for celebration time. No utensils needed.

Snack Ideas:
Small waters and Capri Suns work best. They keep their cool and go down quick. No waste.
Cut up fruit individually bagged, granola bars, GoGo Squeeze are good quick snacks for refueling between games.

Pizza delivery options:
Pizza Hut 760-789-4190
Dominoes 760-788-6644
Delivery should be planned for 11:45 and 3:45 depending on your reservation.
You are welcome to use your reserved table as long as you like after play to celebrate. (Gates close at 4:45)

Non-Delivery Option:
Little Ceasars 760-788- 7701
1853 Main St, Suite B, Ramona, CA 92065
Small pick-up-only but inexpensive food option.

Boll Weevil – one of the last in San Diego County!
2548 Main St
Ramona, CA
(760) 788-1392
Lots of room if you want to have the gang gather there after play and have a burger and Frings!

Paper towels
Trash bags for dirty clothes
Change of clothes/shoes for the ride home
Wet wipes
Table cloths, we have some for purchase $2/each

We have 14 playing fields on 40 acres. There is NO WAIT to play. You are welcome to bring friends and family to spectate at no extra charge.

We have portables for restrooms with a hand washing station and changing room.
We also have a separate women’s restroom.

Click this link and scroll to the bottom to read about What to expect for your party

Park Address:
Velocity Paintball and Airsoft Park
1350 Warnock Dr
Ramona, CA 92065
(This is for directions only)

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