BASIC Battery Care, Storage & Charging


Rechargeable Alkaline

Ni-Cad = Nickel-Cadmium

NiMH = Nickel-metal hydride

LiPo = Lithium-ion Polymer

Read the instructions on your device before installing batteries. Only use the size and type of battery specified in the instructions. Read all the instructions regarding your battery(s) and use materials included with packaging for storage and maintenance.

It is important to understand how to properly care for your batteries; NiMh, Ni-Cad, LiPo, rechargeable as well as alkaline 9 volts, AA and AAA.

It is best to unplug or remove all batteries when not using in a device.

Always visually inspect your batteries for damage before plugging them into a charger or device for use.

Check the dates on your batteries before use.

Keep battery contact surfaces clean by gently rubbing with a clean pencil eraser or cloth.

Cover the ends of 9volt batteries when not in use with electrical tape.

Loose batteries in a pocket or gear bag with metal objects like coins, paper clips, etc… can short-circuit the battery, leading to high heat or leakage or even fire.

Keep batteries in a cool, dry place at normal room temperature. It’s not necessary to store batteries in a refrigerator.

Dispose of all spent batteries immediately and responsibly.

Do not mix new and old batteries or battery types, including manufacturer.

Use batteries that are specific to your equipment. More on this later…

Use a battery specific charger with auto shut off and discharging features that can protect the life of your battery(s). 

Alkaline Rechargeable

Avoid Overcharging

Charge your battery at room temperature (68°F to 72°F) to extend battery life.

Recharge your battery a few hours before you want to use it. Rechargeable batteries lose a percentage of their charge each day when left off the charger.

Use only chargers designed for your type of batteries. If unsure about compatibility, contact the product manufacturer.

For prolonged storage re-charge batteries every 6-9 months to extend the life of the battery.


Expired Rechargeable Alkaline Battery


An example of why you should store batteries properly.



This battery was still in it’s original packaging. Although it broke through the package when it burst. It is better to have a storage area for your batteries where they are separate from your gear and each other.

A fire proof bag or box specifically designed for battery storage is recommended. Especially if you use LiPo batteries for your Airsoft gear.









Ni-Cad & NiMh

Store completely discharged.

Let them cool off before re-charging.

Avoid Overcharging – Repeated overcharging can lead to deterioration in battery performance. Batteries should be fully discharged before re-charging.

Avoid Over-Discharging

Storage: Store in a dry location with low humidity and no corrosive gases.

Battery specific with charge indicator lights. (NiCad)

Battery specific with charge indicator lights. (NiCad)


Battery Chargers are nothing to skimp on. If you are willing to invest in your gear don’t get lazy about your charger. It’s best for you and your gear as well as the life of your battery to choose a charger that is specific to the battery type you are using and has features that allow you to leave it plugged in with a discharging and re-charging mode as well as automatic shut off. This will prolong your battery life and safely charge and store your batteries at the correct charge.


LiPo Batteries – Lithium Polymer:

Avoid Heat – Extreme heat can cause damage.

Transport Packs/Batteries Independently – If meltdown occurs keeping batteries separate can help to avoid disaster. There are LiPo specific cases available.

Use a LiPo Specific Charger for LiPo Batteries

Charge between 1C-4C

Monitor the Charge – Never leave a LiPo unattended while charging.

Use a Balancer

Never Overcharge

Charge in a Safe Location – clean dry area with plenty of room

Unplug Packs – never leave packs plugged in when not in use

Keep them Dry

Avoid Over-Discharging – Draining the battery too far causes irreversible damage.

Store with 50-70% charge – Check the voltage monthly if stored for long periods of time.

Inspect for Damage

Dispose of Ruined Packs Properly – check manufacturer instructions, discharge the battery and drop off at a cell phone store or Best Buy.

LiPo fire-safe bag

LiPo fire-safe bag




Proper storage can mean the difference between loss of gear or a fire that can cause loss of life. 

Be safe and store your batteries properly.


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