Proper Goggle Inspection

When to check your goggle system

1. Purchased a used set of goggles

2. Goggles have been stored for a long time

3. Always Before you play

Your greatest investment will be what you wear for face protection.

Make sure your goggles are in their best condition before you play.

Check your goggles for wear and tear.

Check your goggle for wear and tear.

Check your goggle for wear and tear.

What to look for:

Lens scratches/cracks or fractures.

Lens scratches/cracks or fractures.


1. Lens wear, scratches and/or cracking.

Any type of fracture or crack makes the lens unsafe to use.





2. Foam separation on the forehead and/or ear pieces.

Worn foam that’s tearing from itself.




3. Separation of the seal between the lens and mask. Check the hardware that holds the lens to the mask.

4. Check your thermal double paned lenses for separation of its seal. This can cause unwanted fogging.


Cracked Ear Protection


5. Bent, cracked or worn out ear pieces. Some goggles have rivets that hold the pieces to the goggle. Make sure they are there and holding the pieces in place. The picture below also shows the piece that holds the strap to the goggle is broken as well.



Loose Stap (overstretched)

Loose Stap (overstretched)

6. Strap stretch that impedes the goggle from fitting properly to your head.






Any of the items mentioned can make wearing your goggle unsafe or uncomfortable.

If your goggle isn’t comfortable and doesn’t fit properly you are more likely to take it off when you shouldn’t.

That makes you an unsafe player.  Any of the items listed can be replaced.

Velocity Paintball carries most major brands and accessories.

Stop in and check out goggles and more.

We are located in Kearny Mesa just off 163.
8303 Clairemont Mesa Blvd Ste 106
San Diego CA 92111

Special thanks to Nicholas Shroeder for providing an aged goggle for the pictures.

If you have an old goggle system or other items you would like to donate for pictures to add to safety topics, or future blogs or have ideas and/or questions you want answered on paintball or airsoft safety, please e-mail

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