What is a walk-on?

What is a walk-on?




Walk-on play is also referred to as general admission recreational or open play.

Walk-ons are:

-Players that arrive without an appointment. They arrive at any time and play with others that just arrived as well.

-A person or persons that are not part of a pre-paid private group.

-Players can have their own equipment or rent gear.

Most venues offer walk-on or open play on the weekends when there is a better chance for larger numbers of people to play. Also check Holiday hours. Velocity Paintball Park is open Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day just to name a few.

Players can be a mix of self-equipped experienced to first time renters.

Most parks will try to separate the more experienced players.

If there aren’t enough players to effectively separate the group, everyone will be asked to play a modified game. At Velocity Paintball we call it Novice Rules. This means players cannot get close to each other when shooting. The buffer between players must be 15 feet or more. Players are not allowed to run up and shoot another player at close range or “bunker” someone.

Come out and play this weekend! Come and give paintball a try!

We do have some pre-pay Specials for Walk-ons with a 6-player and 8-player option. This has to be pre-paid ONLINE.

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Don’t Forget, all our guest must Sign A Waiver.

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