What is the Age Requirement for Paintball/Airsoft?

Age requirements will vary with each field. The age a person is allowed to play is based on Insurance. At Velocity Paintball we have Cossio Insurance and they do not have an age requirement. This means anyone at any age can play paintball or airsoft. It is totally up to you to determine if your child is old enough to play. However, there is no refund for crying. Paintballs hurt when they hit you. The velocity/speed a paintball is traveling is 285 feet per second (194MPH) and the engagement distance can be as close as 15 feet. Velocity Paintball suggests that players be 10 and older when playing regular paintball (.68 caliber) and 8 and older when playing Low Impact Paintball (.50 caliber). The same rules apply to airsoft. Keep in mind an airsoft BB is coming at you at 420 feet per second (286MPH). We’re not trying to scare you. The reason we are conservative when suggesting an age limit is because we want everyone’s first time playing to be enjoyable.




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