All Batteries Are NOT Created Equal

Paintball Equipment relies on a battery with an ability to deliver current or milliamps (milliampere or mA) at high capacity. Your trigger is a switch and every time you make a connection you are drawing power from the battery.

The number of mA deliverable by a battery will depend on its general design. Some are designed to “give up” all their current freely and die quickly. Some are designed to ration it out more conservatively and last a long time.









Our experience has shown Varta and Energizer to be the best choice for longevity in paintball equipment. Some Duracell batteries can compete but you have to purchase the more expensive grades of 9volt to get a similar performance.

When you can you should always use the rechargeable battery that came with your equipment. Be sure to read the manual about charging and use. For higher end paintball markers make sure to pay attention to low battery signals so your low battery doesn’t interfere with performance. Also see our blog on Basic Battery Care.

Without going into great nerd-speak we broke it down to what you want to know.
For more information Google:
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