What’s the difference between DOT and ISO?

Compressed Air Tanks require certification in the United States and Europe. In the United States the DOT (Department of Transportation) enforce the standards set by CGA (Compressed Gas Association). In Europe the UN (United Nations) and EU (European Union) enforce the standards set by ISO (International Standards Organization).

It is very expensive for manufacturers in paintball, or any industry that uses cylinders, to be part of ISO and CGA. This ensures safety standards for all when it comes to manufacture and use of cylinders.

If you have a tank with an ISO number and you live and play paintball in the US you need to make sure your tank also has the UN symbol and the USA certification code stamped on your tank in conjunction with the ISO number.

If your tank only has an ISO number it is NOT VALID for use in the United States.

Image-1 USA code UN Symbol










All of these tanks are still subject to Hydro Testing every 5 years and all tanks have a 15-year lifespan.

Be aware of tanks made by Inocom, Luxfer and Carelton that require a 3-year hydro test and 15-year lifespan.

Be an ambassador for our sport. Make sure your gear is compliant with United States Standards.

Drop your tank at any Velocity Paintball location for hydro test.  Cost is $25.

Out of state? No problem.

  • E-mail a picture of your tank label to make sure your tank meets the requirements.
  • Fill out the Services Form with Payment Info. Click the link below.

Velocity Paintball HYDROTEST Terms of Service


Tanks 1 and 2 have ISO numbers, UN Symbol and USA authorized numbers. The 3rd tank can no longer be hydrotested in the United States. It is too old.



Past 15 years






Written by Denise Hazlitt

Special thanks to the DOT and Joe Adkins of SCI for their contributions to this article.


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