Camo Cupcakes

How to make Camo Cupcakes for your kids birthday party.

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White cake mix according to directions. Half of the white cake mix will be used for the green or pink.

I used green since it was a boys birthday party.

10 drops of food coloring is enough. 

Use two of the egg yolks (leftover from the white cake mix) and one more whole egg for the chocolate cake mix. 

Save money and buy one chocolate frosting and two white frosting from the dollar store. They are smaller but it’s all you’ll need. 5 – 7 drops of food coloring for the green or pink. 

Use a frosting bag with the flower tip. Put all three colors in the bag next to each other so they all come out at the same time. 

This was a fun activity for myself and the kids. Let them be part of making their special day happen.

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