Kids Birthday Parties (ages 7-13)

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What is Low-Impact Paintball?

Games directed at ages 7-13. For children 13 and under. Our parties include a personal referee/party coordinator who will lead your group through a very structured, safe and FUN day of play! Children have a blast running around, shooting targets and playing against each other in different game formats. Great fun for the whole family!

At Velocity Paintball Park kids will have a choice of fields to play on, not just one arena. Tiny balls of biodegradable, non-toxic, water-soluble paint are used as ammo that is half the size of regular paintballs. Players use the Spyder Opus, which has a low weight and LOW-IMPACT design that fire semi-automatic at a low velocity.   Less pain, less mess, more fun!

Moms and Dads are welcome to play too!


What’s the pricing?

Groups start at 10 players. $300. Additional players (up to 5 more) can be added at $30 each.

Paintballs are included with the group. Groups packages last 3 hours.

What does the party package include?

  1. Referee/party coordinator
  2. 500 low impact paintballs per player
  3. Body armor for each player
  4. Spyder Opus paintball gun for each player
  5. Premise upgrade goggle system for each player
  6. Party table in our Party Area
  7. Party time from 9am – noon, 11am – 2pm or 1pm to 4pm #pm – 6pm available spring and summer only

At check-in you will be provided a table (2 per group unless otherwise arranged) in our Private Group Party Area. You will also get wristbands for your players and waivers, if they haven’t been filled out yet. (It is always best to have the kids parents fill out waivers ahead of time or fill them out online before the play date.)

What other information do I need?

Tell all the kids invited to the birthday parties to dress in loose fitting, comfortable clothes with full coverage – and a bit of padding is good. For example, sweatshirts or hooded sweatshirts work out great.

If you choose the 9am time slot equipment needs to be turned in at noon.

If you choose the 1pm time slot equipment needs to be turned in at 4pm.
You can use the table for your party even after play with no limitations on time of use. (We close at 4:45pm)

Birthday Party Extras

Party Favors

Party Favors

Party Bag

Each bag contains temporary tattoos, bookmark, sunglasses, pens, stickers, lanyard and candy. ($5 each)

Birthday Child’s bag is FREE!

Deluxe Package

Deluxe Package

Refreshments and Table Supplies:

Each Party Box contains 15 waters, 15 granola bars, 2 table cloths, plates and napkins. ($40)

Table Accessories

Table Accessories

Table supplies

2 table cloths, plates and napkins ($10)







$2 each Colors as shown



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This package is for children 13 and under. Adult parties will be charged an extra $100 for standard paintball whether you play .50cal or .68 and will be treated like a regular private party.

Don’t have enough players for a Party or want to see how it works?