What to Expect for your Party

Planning your party:

  • Click on the Reservation button to pick a date and see if it’s available.
  • Use our Invitations to invite friends and family to play.
  • Make sure to send everyone the link in your confirmation e-mail to fill out the online waiver.
  • Parents need to fill one out and then add their minor children.

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What to bring:

  • You should bring plenty of water, snacks and other drinks to keep the kids hydrated.
  • You can bring coolers, party favors, and decorations for your party.
  • Bring a marker to write names on drinks.

Please arrive 20 mins before your scheduled party time.

Information to share with other parents:

  • Forward the e-mail you get as a confirmation. This will include a link that is specific to your group for waivers.
  • Players should wear loose fitting clothing. Something you don’t mind them getting dirty. The paint will wash out but the players will get dirty.
  • Long pants and a long sleeve shirt are recommended.
  • Close toed shoes that have traction are best (NO sandals or flip flops).
  • A ball cap or beanie can be used on their head. Bandanas are available for purchase.
  • A change of clothes for after play is recommended and a trash bag for dirty clothes to take them home.
  • Make sure they remove their shoes before getting back into the car.

HOW THE DAY WILL GO: 3hrs 9am to Noon, 11am to 2pm or 1pm to 4pm               3pm – 6pm (spring and summer)

  • Once you check in and all the waivers are accounted for, the group will be given a safety speech.
  • The referee will explain and distribute equipment.
  • Once everyone has gotten their equipment and learned how to use it shooting at targets they will play their first set.
  • A set consists of two games.
  • There first set will be elimination.
  • They will go back to the tables for a 10 min break. You should have water and snacks available to them.
  • The second match will be capture the flag. There will be 2 games on a different wooded field. Players will get another 10 min break.
  • The third match will be advance the flag. When the third set is over the players will be lead back to the arena to turn in their equipment.
  • Players will return to your tables and have their party with whatever you have planned. Feel free to use the tables for as long as you like. The park closes at 4:45pm.

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