How Does It Work?

How does walk-ons work?

We gather everyone up and do a safety speech at 9:45
We chrono all the players with their own equipment.
Everyone’s marker must be set at 285FPS or lower
Players are gathered and split into teams.
One team will be given armband tape to signify teams.
Depending on the size of the group 1 to 2 referees will escort the players to a field.
Referees will call game on, call players out, keep time and keep players safe while the game is played.
Two games will be played so each team gets a chance from both sides of the field.
Players are escorted back to the parking lot.
There will be a 10 minute break before players are gathered to go to the next field.

How does a Private Group work?

The group coordinator checks in at the office to sign paperwork and get waivers and wristbands.

-Put on their wristbands and fill out their waivers.
-Hand in waiver and get their equipment.

The Referee:
-Brings your paintballs to your designated staging area.
-Will give a safety speech and go over game rules.
-Assist with adjustment of goggle straps, harness belts and make sure the equipment is properly fitted.
-Assist with loading paintballs into their markers.
-Assist the group to make teams.
-Check availability of fields.

How Does Game Play Work?

2 games on a field, sometimes more if no one else is waiting for the field.
The number of games/sets played depends on how quickly or slowly a group moves.
Time is also based on how many times players pull the trigger.
Some packages contain a limited amount of paintballs.
Some packages allow you to stay and play as long as you buy more paintballs if you happen to run out.
Package examples:
500 paintballs should last a person 2-3 hrs. in a typical day. Some people can make them last all day.
1000 paintballs should be enough for the average person to play all day 10am – 4pm

How Do I Make Reservations?

You can call 619-871-8504 and select your date and number of people and give your credit card over the phone to make your deposit and secure your reservation.

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