Why don’t you carry…?

At Velocity Paintball and Airsoft we get lots of questions about items people have seen on the Internet. They often wonder why we don’t carry a certain brand. There are lots of brands out there and we couldn’t fit everything in our store nor could we stand behind lots of aftermarket parts.

Why Velocity Paintball will stick to a certain brands over others; we have been in the paintball business for over 20 years. We have seen shops and manufacturers come and go in the industry. When carrying certain brands we look at 3 major criteria: value, consistency and manufacturer customer service.

Value: You can say it comes down to cost and it does but the product also has to have quality. Think of the old adage “You get what you pay for.” Some of the brands we carry might cost a little more but the quality of the product also stands up to the test of paintballs wear and tear. Quality should matter.

Consistency: We also want to carry products that carry that value and durability over time. From a barrel bag to paintballs, manufacturers have to be consistent with every product. This also means we want consistency with the products availability. There has been lots of trouble with this through the years. When a product sells well for a company they should take pride in that and make sure it’s available all year long. Whether it’s a high-end marker or an entry-level goggle. Every popular product and customer should matter.

Customer Service: This is probably the most important thing that wins our loyalty when selecting and continuing to carry a product. Manufacturer’s who are willing to listen to our constructive criticism or complaints concerning a product or service. We want to be sure the product we sell is taken care of by the manufacturer. We don’t want our customers to be limited in repair or upgrade of the items they have purchased. The Manufacturers and sales people we do business with uphold this kind of integrity.

We, the retail stores and fields, are the front lines when it comes to product review. If a paintball is inconsistent or a part isn’t available for a recently sold marker there is a breakdown for that company’s longevity. If a company wants to grow in paintball and assist the growth of paintball it needs to remain available to all of its customers needs.

Please come in to our store and touch and feel the product before you buy it. The prices are the same as online or better. Our sales technicians are very knowledgeable and can match you up with products that will fit your budget and needs.


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REMEMBER: When you purchase a marker form Velocity Paintball and Airsoft you get a FREE ADMISSION Pass to use at the Park, FREE lifetime labor and coupons to use on accessories you may need in the future.

No waiting for the item to be shipped, you walk out with it in hand, educated and ready to play!


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