What is Sponsorship?

Sponsorship –  “Aid or support given by a patron.”


We get many inquiries about team sponsorship. A team that has been together for a season or more and has proven they can play, shown their loyalty to each other and commitment to playing the sport are more likely to get sponsored. If you are just starting out and your team hasn’t even played one event or practiced together, you are not a candidate to receive free or discounted goods and services. Sponsorship is a reward for hard work. Companies are more willing to sponsor teams with a proven record. They can be assured their products and services will be actively advertised.

A team looking for sponsorship should be mindful that it’s a marketing tool used by companies to promote their products. The sponsorship is really a business relationship.

You’ll have a responsibility to promote the products of the company. You are now a representative of the company and their products. Professionalism and courtesy go a long way.

Things to think about when actively seeking a sponsorship;

  1. What companies and products you would have no problem wearing, using or promoting in a positive manner.
  2. Manufacturer or local field/store? If you go to the manufacturer you will have to wear, use and promote all of their products. If you go to your local field or store you have choices of several manufacturers. You could end up wearing and using all of your favorite items.
  3. Does your team have a resume/portfolio? Asking for sponsorship is like applying for a job. You should have a portfolio to show; complete with team mission statement, player profiles, accomplishments, events/tournaments played, future goals and events/tournaments you plan to play in the future.
  4. How you will represent your team online with a website and social media.
  5. Company vs. teams needs. Paintball is expensive companies offering sponsorship want to be sure you are a good investment.

If you shop and play locally and the fields and stores in your area are already benefitting from your play and patronage, you will get noticed. Keep a positive attitude. Always be promoting paintball in the community. Teams that are actively involved in the paintball community have a better chance at getting the discounts and assistance they need when the time comes.

Please come into our store in Kearny Mesa or our field in Ramona to see how we can outfit your team. You should expect to purchase no less than 5 items/each (ex. 5 items; pants, gloves, goggles, loaders, head wraps) in a package for 3 or more players. Each item must be from same manufacturer. (ex. all pants must be from one manufacturer)



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